What's this about?

Well - basically, as our household (MoralezBeaumont) is spread across the Kingdom of Lochac (from Aneala to Darton & Southron Gaard), Drachenwald and Meridies, it's pretty hard to do show and tell and meet up so this is an easier format to share and inspire. So hopefully, this will be a useful medium for members of our household to be able to show where they're up to on their projects, get inspired, and inspire others. So, if you're reading this and you're a member of our household, or a friend of the household who participates in the tasks, or just a nosey parker, I hope you get something out of this. At worst, it's a dump spot for my thoughts and projects (and disasters)

Every year at Great Northern War (which is the *best* event in the Northern Reaches of Lochac and everyone should come - second weekend in June - book now) our household - MoralezBeaumont (and friends) come together and set tasks to challenge ourselves. We also reflect on our achievements over the last year.

There are five core elements that we try also maintain during this period. They are
  • Contribute to the SCA through service or teaching
  • Display heraldry
  • Improve yourself, or learn new skills (this is where the personal tasks sit - but it's not restricted to this)
  • Show hospitality, be courteous, and generally be well behaved ;)
  • Be mindful of your appearance.
So of course there are points allocated for this based whether or not you've achieved it, extra points if you've done something well etc. Points are added up for members of each of the various households involved. The group that wins (which means nothing more than a hurray, really) is based on the collaborative points divided by the number of members. (Particularly as Gabriel has 6 squires and 1 protege and Constanzia has 5 students). Those who are members of the greater household also form a group, and there are a couple of other households who participate in the MoralezBeaumont challenge.

Ok my tasks from Great Northern War were to:
  • Survive the reign (tick)
  • Enjoy the reign (still reflecting on that)
This is pretty difficult to get extra bonus points from so I have to look around to see what else I can bring to the table and lead by example. So I guess this leads to other posts.... :)