HH Banner project - External Banners

External Banners completed:
2 x Badger banners
1 x Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora
1 x Gabriel de Beaumont

Banners ready for Fringing etc
  1. Domhnall na Moicheirghe
  2. Antoinette Travaillie
  3. Leonor d'Scotia
  4. Jocelyn de la Cor
  5. Heilwich Gheerts
  6. Varndel Lynchea
  7. Edmund Shotley
  8. Lochac Populace banners (wah wah wah)
  9. Lochac Populace banners (wah wah wah)
  10. Pride of Lochac banner
  11. Helen Hartshorne
  12. Inglesia delamere
  13. Kotek Torzhokshoi
  14. Dimitrii Borodinskii
  15. Pride of Lochac banner
  16. Tomas Askelson

in cue (also have to cut out more fabric)
Catalina Oro Sol