Knights of the North Progress - Stage 1

Knights of the North - Stage 1
It's traditional that we celebrate the knights who reside every year in Qld a few weeks prior to festival. We currently have 9 knights, alas not all of them are active, and we have made others that have moved away, but this is about who is here. So those 9 knights are: Agro, Sebastian, Leofric, Bain, Draco, Gabriel, Somerlid, Lorcan, Rufus.

The cutting measurements for these banners has been 75cm by 100cms. I have used 180 wide bleached calico so I can use the excess 30 cms to make pennants with a Kingdom badge and virtues listed on them. (That's stage 2). I'm using up old permiset paint which unfortunately has white spirit which is not very nice for breathing. I'm replacing the paints with tintex - which is a fabric paint that doesn't contain white spirit and is made here in Brisbane. So double win really.

So far I'm just over half way which is pretty good. I've completed Sebastian, Leofric, Draco's Sommerlids and Lorcan. I'm most of the way through Rufus's banner as he's got a cool charge in the chief that I need to get right, Bain's I'm half way through (see below). Agro's is unfortunately green - which is normally not a problem however the green paint is really quite low on pigment which means that it looks like a primary school edition of heraldry. Boo So - hopefully I'll be able to send Gabriel down to the art shop and find me some opaque fabric paint. I haven't started Gabriel's banner. Probaly because I've done it so many times I'm a bit bored with the design ;)

Ok - so here's a build up of Bain's banner.

So the basic colours are there. Basically I did the leaves first, allowed it to dry, the the border, and the red. This banner needs a bit of sparkle, so I'll add gold for the internal part of the rose, and it also is supposed to have a semi of gout. (Raindrops on roses... whiskers on kittens etc)

Ok - I've used a perminant marker for the edging just to sharpen it up. I could have spent ages doing it with paint but I'm on a deadline. The gout is drawn on a diamond pattern. I have hard cardboard pieces of about 120 long which are cut out in various widths which I use for bias binding. I've used this to give me the necessary spacing.

To mark I've used the above blue pen which you can purchase at spotlight. It's water soluable so that means I can lightly spray the banner with water (when it's finished drying) and the colour will disappear. Bonus really. And there will be more of this action on Tuesday.