St Floz Scribal action

Caligraphy and Illumination is a new thing for me. I'm motivated to help out with the scribal backlog. Certainly not something to combat alone, so I've been drumming up a little bit of business and hopefully some of this will stick.

This week we had a bit of Scribal action happening at A&S to see if it would be interesting. Five people participated. (It was handy for Huguette who had to remember how to sign an AOA scroll - what a better place to do it!) Katherine Alycia of Sarum was kind enough to turn up to give guidance, tips and tricks which was really appreciated.

All about a bit of practice

So we're possibly looking at fortnightly to practice and bring things for people to play with. Hopefully in about a month or so, we might be up to designing our exemplars for the scribes guild. Should be fun.