One UFO down!!

You know how you have a project that follows you around for years, through several moves.... being ssooooo close to finishing it could almost make itself? Well I wish those things would... but they don't.

Today I finished something that has been *stalking* me through at least four house moves. The fabric was given to me in about 1995 from Acacia. (It's also been seen on one of Nerissa's princess dresses). I started embroidereding a pelican in piety in 2002 for Gabriel when he joined the Order of the Pelican and it has been finished except for one flower and some beads since that point. How pathetic.
So I think the slip is a bit big for the application. I would prefer to put tassels on the draw cord and of course I'd prefer to bead the tassels but Gabriel is not into that sort of thing (and yet he likes Glee... what is with that!?) But it's done. He's not likely to use it other than around the house or to transport things ... but that's ok. It can continue stalking me but in *a complete* way.