Service points - Knights of the North plan tm.

My current big project is Knights of the North passe d'armes which will be the first saturday in March 2010. I want to raise the spectacle and heraldic display because it's been going for years but just hasn't satisfied my visual needs. (And it's all about my visual needs) To do this I'll be looking at a few things that need upgrading for the Barony equipmentwise:
  • 9 x tennans banners
  • St Florian replacement banners (ours have gone missing since GNW - which means they're probably safe in someone's garage .... which means they're inaccessible)
  • Kingdom Banners
  • Pennants of virtues
  • Finding out how many Banner poles/portable holes we have
  • Arranging the creation of new passe d'armes equipment - tree, shields, barrier, spare weapons
  • New tabards/baldrics for officers (specifically for heralds/marshals)
This means I'll look at doing a budget proposal for two things
  1. Replacement assets proposal (separate to the event budget) to use the equipment levy that is charged at every event
  2. Event proposal - which will include a separate costs for afternoon tea which allow for a cooks guild table or some such. This will allow for low cost for anyone who doesn't want to eat the food (which affects fighters mostly)

Considering how hot it is ... well it's bloody hot today, I'll look at running the event in the afternoon - so that could possibly mean armour inspection for 2:30 with toys on at 3pm. This will allow two and a half hours of play time.

We currently have two sunshades (Baronial) and at least one of ours. (And I have more canvas to make more if required.

I haven't arranged any officers yet or someone to manage the cooks guild table but this can be managed at the Baronial meeting or shortly afterwards.

I have, however, painted half of most of the banners for the event which is good. I would be downstairs painting tonight however it's been 37 degrees today so it's an upstairs kinda night frankly. I'm using up my old toxic stinky paint and replacing it with non stinky paint which is great. Some of that stuff is really stinky!!!

So once I have sign off I'll be able to do up the advertising, send it to pegasus and to seneschals for distribution.

I also want to see if I can encourage heraldic display from the combatants and non coms at the event. Could be a heap of fun! Yay for A&S starting this Friday!!!