Banner up - Second phase

My plan was originally to make pennants of the virtues and *then* make banners for groups, but then I've reprioritised. (Particularly after a frustrating day of dealing with pennants and decided that I just couldn't be bothered). The intention is to now have banners from each of the four groups, as well as four Kingdom banners. I'll put the group banners interspaced between the knight banners, and then Lochac banners on the other side. It will hopefully look impressive.

Don, herald extrodinaire of Stormhold, was kind enough to send me a pic of a period wreath but of course that's at work and not here . Period wreathes appear to be dipicted in the round rather than the way that we do them. You can see this in a few other applications:

C6th Italian Coin ;)

Early C16th Italian

Early C16th Italian

Unfortunately, the wreathes in a circular form kinda doesn't work on a rectangular shape when it has another item inside it - so I've used the inspiration of the wreathes to beef it up the laurel wreathes, make them more rounded in shape and to avoid individual leaves. (I like this part because I don't have much time to paint individual leaves on wreathes for 8 banners on both sides....) So they're kinda blended beefy wreathy goodness....

Saturday I spent the day drawing up wreathes of different sizes, making templates of all the various elements of the devices on cardboard (so I use the same templates for the GNW banner project... which I'll start after festival). It's really important to me to have the wreathes as a common link between all the banners because I think those sorts of visual links are important. So the St Florian/River Haven wreathes are the same (above), the Baccus Wood/Willoughbyvale ones are the same (below).

Sunday I managed to paint two banners: St Florian and Bacchus Wood (the simple ones!) And then I got through a quarter of the River Haven one and stuffed it. (boo!) I've just finished Willoughbyvale's tonight.