This week at C&I

I made them all learn another song this week. I know that it's completely irrelevant to C&I but every week, one more piece. Hopefully in about two months we'll be up to the stage of sing simple rounds, complex rounds and then start simple part music. Small steps.
The same principal is being used to get the guys into doing C&I. Today it's colouring in, playing with nib and ink. Shortly we'll get them to put together a single capital or phrase, or trace and paint something simple. Not quite sure what the logic will be after that but it's a start.

I printed out a bunch of things for people to paint and practice illumination. Most insisted on using cheap paint which meant that the colour choices were... varied.. but they had fun, and they had a bash, so that's great. Oh and cheezy photos are a must!

And next fortnight we'll get them to start designing something on A5. Something small and achievable.