More heraldic display for KNOTN 11

Last weekend, my intention was to paint a further four banners (Kingdom) however I was fortunate enough to find a box of top mounted appliqued banners. Not much work to transform them from top to side mounting.

This left me with a small window to look at my own heraldic display for the weekend. So just to sum up what I already had to hand:

  • Necklace with santiago cross (see previous quick win on this blog)

  • A flag fan that I made about three years ago (no, I've not made that dress yet....) Maud has written a lovely lengthy article on flag fans which is unfortunately not on line.. yet.

  • I have a couple of stripey chemises.

  • Funky headgear from step down which is perfectly fine for this (being the hat, because my intention was to be on the field heralding, the beaded coif, the tasseled tranzado...)

  • White dress with paned skirt. (Which can be dated to the late 1470's through to the early C1520's)

That left a decorated skirt - again quite popular to go under a paned skirt during the same time period. Considering I had a santiago cross on my necklace, I needed crescent moons on my skirt!

Skirt is linen. I've used black velveteen appliqued onto the linen.