Unfortunately, there is only so much room...

I have a goal in mind - and that is to have a room that I can easily find things in. At the moment I have done a few things to assist this. I have two corkboards that hold my headgear, sca jewelery and sashes. I have also moved up a couple of sets of drawers for my sleeves, and I have two wooden clothes hangers.

But I still have too much stuff - much of it I can't or don't want to use!

That is stuff that takes up space that I no longer have a need for. So in order to make everything useful, I will going through for another purge. This is not entirely unusual. I do normally find newbies or people who are useful to my local group that can fit or would like the objects that I can't use anymore where I can. However, I generally don't go through it as systematically. This time, my intention is to do more than just rehouse some of the stuff that I no longer use, but I also intend to recycle. So my gear will be recycled into something else useful to me now, or given away. Well that's the goal at least. And then hopefully I'll have more chance of finding and having *the very thing* to wear when I need it or inspire me to do other things.

I suggest that everyone who as been around do the same thing ;)