MoralezBeaumont GNW Tasks 2010-11

As always we had a discussion at Great Northern War about our goals for GNW 2011.


Gabriel de Beaumont (Name/Device passed):
  • Finalise the standard newbie kit
  • Finish 2 fighting docuemnts (MoralezBeaumont Newbie Fighting Manual, and one more)
  • Improve health and fitness
Edmund of Shotley
  • Don't stuff up the Kingdom
  • Improve his fighting
  • Do some leatherwork
  • Improve her fighting and renown
  • Get more involved in events
  • Improve appearance
Dimitrii Borodinski (Name/Device passed)
  • Improve his fighting
  • Improve appearance (through adding finishing touches to garb)
  • Another task to be assigned by Gabriel
Andres de Leon
  • Improve fighting
  • Make a covered wagon
  • Submit device
  • Make Banner and Tabard
Tomas Eskelson (the awesome)
  • Improve fighting
  • Improve appearance
  • Make more camping equipment
  • Memorise the fealty Oath
  • Make the Sture Pants
Kotek Torzhskoi (Name/Device passed)
  • Continue in Kingdom Office and do a good job with handover.
  • Improve local group (possibly run a really good event etc)
  • Improve appearance
  • Improve heraldic display


Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora
(Name/Device passed):
  • Improve Health and fitness
  • Ask for help (This needs review as I have been asking for help and have had very little for things that I needed assistance for - so the asking part isn't the problem, possibly the communication or timing?)
  • Do A&S for fun, and not duty - Now Find Sparkle.
Vardel Lynche (Name & Device in process)
  • Co-steward Festival
  • Don't stuff up the tavern
  • Enjoy festival
Huguette de St Germain (Name passed, device pending)
  • Get device registered
  • Improve appearance
  • Improve Barony (was not put Barony into Abeyance)
Helen Harteshorne (name and device to be submitted) was Gillian Attwood
  • Get Name & Device passed
  • Run an Event
  • Improve appearance
Catalina del Sol (Name/Device passed)

Raphael du Noir (Name/Device passed)

  • Authorize for Rapier (yes, I know, it was on last years list... I'll make it this year for sure)
  • Authorize for 'rapier and dagger' or 'rapier and buckler'
  • Increase my heraldic display.
  • Continue improving my physical fitness.

  • Lucia Littlefaire (Name/device unsubmitted)


    Leonore de Scotia (Name/Device passed)
    • Don't stuff up the Kingdom
    • Improve appearance
    Josseline de la Cour (device to be resubmitted)
    • Make some Later Period Garb
    • Increase knowledge of cooking and increase others
    • Improve heraldic display
    Guilliame Lavet (Name/Device passed)
    Will need to speak to him soon as he was not at the event.

    Berenger of Nancy (Name/Device passed)
    • Run 26 fighter practices including five training sessions throughout the Kingdom
    • Win Fighter Auction and May Crown 2011
    Enderl of the Turnips (Not submitted)
    • Improve fighting harness
    • Improve appearance
    • Improve his fighting
    • Attend 5 tourneys
    • Register Name and Device

    Maud La Leitiere (Name/Device passed)
    • Cook for an event
    • Wear personal heraldry
    • Improve fitness
    Giles Leabrook (Name/Device passed)
    • Display heraldry
    • Finish Fencing outfit
    • Improve Health and Fitness
    Iglesia (Name and device to be submitted)
    • Do more singing
    • Help Leonore and Edmund through the reign
    • Make more accessories

    Fenissa Æriksdotter (Name/Device passed)
    • Complete another chapter of her personal herbal book
    • Research Finnish viking
    • Improve her fighting
    Gryffin Westcastle (Name/Device passed)
    • Improve fighitng
    • Improve health
    • Make garb
    Christian (Unknown)
    • Run a spanish feast
    • Win a tourney
    • Register Name and device
    UnNamed Household of Blayney, Yolande, Aedward etc

    Blethyn ap Gryffyd (
    • Increase prowess and renown
    • Period footwear
    • 2 period tents
    Anna von Frieburg (Name/Device submitted)
    • Make Tabard and Banner
    • Make German Headwear
    • Improve her health and fitness
    Ailis inghean Mheadhbha (
    • Enter Laurel Prize Tourney with an angle-saxon coat
    • Improve her prowess
    • Have a kit she is happy with

    Badger Buddies
    Tristan (?)
    • Improve fighting
    • Make Garb
    Domhnall na Moicheirghe (Name/Device submitted)
    • Finish harness including Heraldry
    • Authorise before William Marshal (Completed)
    • Get 10 more people from now tro do the "Vandel package"
    Helena (tba)
    • Do embrodiery
    • Make garb
    • Improve her archery
    Magnus (tba)
    • Make more garb
    • Have a heavy and light harness
    • Register his Name and device
    Alliette Delecourt (apparently mailed but not processed by Rocket Herald yet)
    • Have a 16th century website up and going
    • Make summer Court Garb
    • Teach unusual dance
    • Period shoes
    • Learn some more Embrodery techniques
    Nesta verch Wynn (Name/Device passed)
    • Enter Laurel Prize Tournament
    • Become a combat archer