Banner plans for Grete's Tudor Event

Clearly there are not enough banners in the world and if we want to support Grete with having a very pretty event, we need to make some more Banners. Here's a list (to my knowledge) of those people who have a "St Florian Standard" and registered devices so we can prioritise which ones we do!

(A "St Florian Standard" is a shape/size of a style of banner which was put together by Dame Sabine du Bourbonais in an effort to get maximum impact by having many of the same shape/style)

List of people I think has a St Florian Standard
Sabine du Bourbonais (with Sabine?)
William Addemere (with Sabine?)
Salaberge de Granson (with Sabine?)
Leofric Willoughby de Broke (with Sabine?)
Sebastian of Ventbarre (with Stanzi)
Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (with Stanzi)
Gabriel de Beaumont (with Stanzi)
Nathaniel Mendoza y de la Guadalajara (with Stanzi - slightly different size)
Draco of Yorvich (with Stanzi)
Asa beiskalda (with Stanzi)
Wystan of Wallesend (with Stanzi)
Berenger of Nancy (with Berenger)
Maud la leitiere (with Maud)
Giles Leabrook (with Giles)

If there is anyone else out there that I've forgotten please let me know. The list will help Grete find where the banners are to ask if they can be used. The ones at our house will be used.

Badgers with Registered Device without St Florian Standard (From the North)
Tomas Askelson - not up on the site yet

Badgers with Registered Device without St Florian Standard (Not from the North)
Catalina Oro Sol - (though will be reviewing her device)

Badgers with Submitted Devices without St Florian Standard (From the North)
Josselyn de la Cour (very close to being registered)
Edmund Shotley