GNW Tasks for 2012


Gabriel de Beaumont (Passed name/device)
  • Sort out the newbie-kit (Build templates for helmets)
  • Improve Health (Loose 15kg, Stretch)
  • Second fighting book (complete the text for fighting book)
  • Improve field appearance
  • Improve off field appearance
  • Improve fighting
  • Assist and train others.
Antoinette Travaillie
  • Improve Fighting
  • Get 4th round at Festival FAT
  • Perform the role of Go-To Girl for Rowany Festival
  • Complete at least 1/3 of AS 50 project
  • Run 2 events (cooking or Stewarding)
  • Shared Task with Vandel - Co-steward 2 events outside of Victoria
Edmund Shotley (Name registered/not device)
  • Mark Garb
  • Improve Fighting
  • Woodwork
Zofia Radwitz (Name & device not yet registered)
  • Authorise as a Marshal
  • Enter Crowns
  • Improve Fighting
  • Improve appearance/make garb
  • Take up an Office
  • Improve Back
Radbot von Borg (Name & device not yet registered)
  • Improve Fighting
  • Make Banner
  • Loose 10kg
  • Service task locally
  • Learn a song to perform for festival/canty/GNW
Andreas del Leon (Name & device not yet registered)
  • Improve fighting
  • Make a Burgeonette
  • Complete an outfit
  • Increase body weight by 10%
Dimitrii Borodinskii (Passed name/device)
  • Get Heavy Fighter training at River Haven
  • Improve Fighting
  • Make Tzars jacket with documentation (published?!!!)
Kotek Torzhokshoi (Passed name/device)


Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (name & device)
In honour of the 10th anniversary of St Florian de la Riviere and the 10th Anniversary of the Kingdom - I will be doing things in series of 10 which will be counted as 1 point -these could include the following
  • Publish 10 articles in Dieu la Vault - St Florian newsletter
  • Create 10 items of heraldic display
  • Create 10 items toward my persona
Helen Hartshorne (Passed name/device)
Heilwich Gheerts (In submission process)
  • Run A&S comp in Barony with more than five entrants
  • Make C15 outfit for Orric
  • Make more smocks
  • C15th Camping Item
Huguette de la St Germain (Name/not device)
  • Register Device
  • Make a new frock
  • Write some documentation (publish?)
  • Run A&S Class
Domhnall na Moicheirghe (Name/Device)
  • Fight in armour (training or event) 50 times during the year (i.e. once a week on average)
  • Compete in at least one A&S competition
  • Get an onomastic article published on the Laurel Queen of Arms website
  • Teach at least 3 collegia sessions on various topics (2 already committed to in July)
Catalina Oro Sol (Name/Device)
  • Persona development - including making stuff, heraldry the works
  • Publish articles
  • Fitness (personal goal)
Lucia Littlefaire
  • To be negotiated


Leonor d'Scotia (Name/Device)
  • Become an officer
  • Steward/Feastocrat 2 Events
  • Beautify the Kingdom.


Varndel Lynchea
  • Co Steward Festival
  • Improve Fighting
  • Handsew Outfit
  • Shared point with Antoinette - Co-steward 2 events outside of Victoria


Tomas Askelson
  • Improve Appearance (Make 1 x outfit, Finish unfinished garments)
  • Make Chess board at Pencampr
  • Be at best fighting condition for November Crown


Jocelyn de la Cor (submission in process)
  • Complete an outfit (skin out)
  • 10 x heraldic display items.
Emily (4)
  • Make a dress (with assistance from Mum)


  • Fitness
  • Study
  • Developing your persona - which includes wardrobe, name/device
  • Get better in archery,
  • Learn more about royalty and being a lady in waiting,
  • Hit the pell and
  • Help mum make jewellery.
  • Get Harness completed
  • Get Authorized,
  • Register a name and device

Raphael du Noir
  • To be negotiated

Maud la leitiere (Name/Device)
  • Perform and Document Fire Arts for GNW
  • Cook for Grete's Event
  • Write booklet on Flemish Working Womens Wear
  • Run a half marathon
Giles Leabrook (Name/Device)
  • Completed Raper Marshal - either find deputy to hand over to or do a double tenure
  • Make a bed for Maud
  • Complete Clothes
Grete Englehartz (Name/Device)
Iglesia Delamere (submission soooooon)
  • Finish Crow Outfit with Accessories
  • Feastocrat or Steward an event
  • Wayfare to two events outside of Queensland.
  • Make 1 x Spanish Frock
  • Turn up to some events (and have fun)

Berenger of Nancy
  • Win Crown
  • Help Allesandra win a tourney
  • Assist Wolfric to 2 Events
  • Assist Jawiga complete her harness
  • Get to Canbera six times for Arlish and Bleven
  • Finish Oath to Odin (Training session in all the baronies of Lochac)
Badger Buddies

Blethyn ap Gryffyd
(Name/Device passed - however not yet on Roll of Arms)
  • Improve Health and Fitness (Ride pushbike/Cardio/Build excersize program)
  • Train People
  • Make own outfit.
Ailis inghean Mheadhbha
  • Make a musical instrument
  • Learn to tablet weave
  • Show polit that early period is cool (encourage 1 person to make early period or run an early period event)
Anna von Frieburg
  • Make garb that fits
  • Find new job
Delbert von Strasburg
  • Learn a skill that he doesn't currently have.
Alliette Delecourt
  • Paint Tent
  • Make period bed
  • Finish write up French Hood documentation
  • Develop French Costume Website
  • Develop Flying Monkeys site
  • Make More accessories
  • Finish Embroidery Master Class