Bloody red doublet ;)

When I made this silk doublet I had to do it quickly - very quickly. We had three events in two weekends and zip weight allowance. So I quickly made a range of silk garments for us to wear. They're light weight and toastier than what I normally have. My overlocker had died and I made the fatal mistake of thinking - she'll be right, it'll be fully lined. So I wizzed it up together... Bad bad decision.

So after *a few wears* it started to split in the centre seam at the back as the fabric just freyed away. BOOOO!

Fortunately I have enough fabric to replace the back panels. Now I have time on the train to get some handsewing in. So I've unpicked the back, replaced the panels, overlocked the interior while I was there (the side seams were on their way out too.) My task this week will be to finish off all the handsewing (base and peplem, sleeves etc). Re-doing work is not my favourite thing. Rather pop off to the dentist really but rather do that then throw it out!