KNOTN Stage I Rufus's Banner

Rufus has a Catamount in the chief of his device. What's a catamount? Well that's a good question. It's supposed to be a celtic dog... which looks like a cat. This is when you add all the appropriate irish jokes here and smile politely I suppose.... But anyway - Rufus's tabard has a lovely cat...a.. mount on the skirt who's tail ties into the lovely knot that is in the main part of his device. Nice combination of elements for his tabard. Of course I wanted to mimic this as much as possible on the banner because he did such a good job of it.

Here's a pic of the catamount on his tabard. (Yes, it probably could do with a wash....)

I was really lucky to find that the height of the part of his tabard was the same (slightly larger) than the chief on the banner so that means transferring the pattern was just about copying rather than enlarging. This is how I went about it - fairly simple really.

I used some wax free baking paper and just simply traced with a pencil.

I then glued it onto a manila folder and cut it out

And then used the cardboard cut out to draw the outline onto the banner. I folded in half to get the middle. I used a pin to make holes so I could use my favourite disolvable pen to draw the internal design for painting.

And here is the final result.