KNOTN Stage 1 - the other banners - mostly pics

Gabriel de Beaumont - Again the Blue pigment in tintex and permiset is a bit rubbish so I got some permiset paint magic and it's good. Worth the increase in price. No white spirit - so that's good too. Used a silver nikko for the wing accents.

Here's Lorcan of River Haven - bit of shading to make it a bit more interesting

Draco of Yorvich - I think his device is striking.

Sebastian of Ventbarre - I think I could do his device in my sleep....

Somerled of Redcliffe

Leofric Willoughbye de Broke - Bit of shading to make it a little more interesting. Really annoyed that I wasn't paying attention when I was drawing it up to have the fur even. Oh well. It's done.