This week - a week of just progress, no real finishing.

I have been really tired this week and eminantly scattered. Here's a list of unfinished things that I have failed to complete...

This week I have gotten the event submission and notice signed off and sent to Pegasus. I've designed the flier - however I've failed to *print* it which makes it utterly useless until I get to that. My attempt to get a pennant style sorted out has failed. I have managed to cut out and sew the local group banners... I suppose that's one win. I say BAH!

ROSEY Festival
Ok I'm also organising a Par d'armes and the Best Heraldic display (War and Encampment). This week I've written a letter to the B&B's regarding their most inspiring people but have failed to post it to them. I've given up on the ideas of a prize for both and completely let Portia down by failing advise her how to construct the pennants. (I've at least worked out out that 1:6 ratio is pretty good - 1/6 = badge, 1/6 = swallow tail 4/6 is space for the word).

After escavating through the pink room, I have found an unfinished coat in navy wool twill. I'm 3/4 through the construction and is proving to be quite pleasant on the train type project. More later I suppose - when I get it to a stage worth taking photos of and describing.

Helping out a mate
An old friend is at uni, has kids, and finite time to get herself (and her family) sorted out for festival. What else would you do but offer to wizz up a couple of shirts. I stumbled across fabric . They are now cut, constructed and all there is left to do is gather the cuffs and neckline. Unfortunately I cut the neckline in correctly so I put it down because I was tired and didn't want to stuff up any more

More research on tranzado's instead of actually making one. Struggling to find when these things started to come into vogue and why. They start appearing in the late C14th as one complete head piece and by the end of the C15th appear to be either two pieces (cofia de tranzado). I was supposed to write a quick dark and dirty how to make one of these but got completely engrossed in trying to find information/spanish pics. Spanish gear is a pain to research. (If anyone finds *anything* on this, please let me know!)

Hopefully next week I'll get the thrill of the finish. Not a thrilling week this week. Actually the anti-thrill. Depressing frankly.